My Reviews

“My experience with Felicia during our home-buying process was absolutely amazing. We came to her as first time home buyers without a clue on what to do. She helped us through the whole process, which started with us not knowing where to even begin. She went above and beyond what I could even expect, making sure we not only got our loan but understood every step along the way. She is an amazing broker who takes care of her clients with the most care.”- Jennifer B.

“I’ve had 100’s of clients who closed with Commonwealth Mortgage. This is not your average “Run of the Mill” Mortgage Shop. This is a workplace environment that truly understands what your going through, or about to go through while pursuing your home purchase.This is not a bank!!! I say that because they do not stop answering phones or returning calls at 3-4 or (if your lucky) 5 o’clock. These people understand Customer Service and I have never had a problem getting in contact with them at 8-9-10 and later in the evening, or on the weekends. It’s like they don’t sleep. Lol Now for the good news.. Probably the most competitive Mortgage firm in Houston. They will Shop your rate aggressively and break down the lenders offer from interest rate and closing costs. I have done business with them for 21 Years and have never, ever had a complaint or a problem at closing.
How do they stay in Business that long? NO JUNK FEES!!! Honest and caring service brings repeat customers..
Give them a call, you truly will be happy you did.”- Steve P. (Ugly Drum Smokers)

“Excellent experience, you get to work with one individual from pre-approval all the way to closing and funding! Worked with Felicia on more than one mortgage and things went flawlessly every time, highly recommended.”- Dennis A.

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“Felicia is an amazing loan officer, very smart, quickest response time, great customer service and treats every client with great respect. I love working with her and she answered all my questions on time. Best lender you can get.”- Bennie C.

“Being a first-time homebuyer, the mortgage process can be very confusing. Commonwealth made the process so easy to understand and as smooth as possible. Felicia did everything on her end and all we had to do was provide necessary information. I highly recommend Commonwealth!”- Danielle S.

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