Things Dog Owners Should Consider When Buying a Home


Dogs are a part of the family just like the other members, so their safety and happiness should be considered when buying a home as well. Many millennials are putting off having children so in some cases, being a pet parent holds even more importance. One of the main reasons dog owners want to buy […]

Buying a Home When You Have Student Loans


If you are one of the many people with student loans and have thought you may never pay them off so you’ll never be able to buy a home, you’re not alone. We can help give you some information about the ways you can go about the home buying process if you are in this […]

Getting to Know Mortgage Rates


During these unprecedented times, you may have heard that interest rates are dropping or they are lower than ever before due to the pandemic. While this may be true, it’s still important to understand how mortgage rates work and how they can affect your home buying process now and in the future. The Basics Behind […]

Construction Loans and You


Finding your dream home can be quite the hassle depending on where you’re located. If you happen to be interested in finding a home with more land than a traditional home, you might have some trouble going on your search the traditional way and even further more, financing can be troublesome as well. If this […]

The Appraisal Process and You


Getting any sort of appraisal can be somewhat tenuous since it’s hard to remove emotion from something of great value.  When it comes to your home, you can also understand why this process means even more. The main reason people need an appraisal is because they are planning to sell or refinance so they need […]

Moving to Conroe, TX?


If you’re thinking about moving to Conroe, we have some good information to help you decide if it would be a good fit for you. Whether you are moving from another state, or just another city, there’s some things you are probably considering before making the decision. There’s plenty of factors that people think about […]

The Escrow Process and You

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Whether you are a first time buyer just starting to browse some homes, or you’ve already found a realtor you want to work with, one thing you want to be familiar with is the escrow process. Many people know it’s part of the home buying process, but they may not know exactly what that actually […]

Build Your Credit to Buy A Home During Covid


During these most uncertain times, we know that you are thinking about your day to day just as much as your long term future, and it all can seem quite overwhelming. And although things may seem difficult, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive perspective when it comes to your future. Many people are […]

Who Pays For Closing Costs?


If you’re in the process of looking at homes or just thinking about it, the one thing that many don’t think about until they are negotiating terms are closing costs. Closing costs are fees that must be paid when you are finalizing the buying of a home. The actual closing of the sale is when […]

Understanding Portfolio Loans


A portfolio loan is fairly similar to the more popular types of loans available except the lender keeps the debt “in house” and earns interest on the loan versus it being serviced by another lender like a big bank such as Wells Fargo or Chase. Most portfolio loans are available from private lenders and are […]